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An Active Vision Approach to Understanding and Improving Visual Training in the Geosciences

Data Visualization

For this project we have three distinct stages of data processing which we have called the Processing, Visualization, and Analyses stages, as also noted by the links in the navigation bar above. Data processing deals with the videos and imagery from the mobile eye-tracking systems and the panorama capture systems. Data visualization is where we develop tools, diagrams, and methodologies for working with all of our imagery, eventually in the hopes of developing a virtual field-trip experience. The data analyses are where we focus on probability, statistics, data metrics, and machine-learning procedures in the search for patterns and distinctions among, and between, our novice and expert geoscience subjects (observers on the field trip).

Data visualization is currently underway and we are actively engaged in developing manuscripts for publication. As we publish we will be updating this page with overviews and links to any manuscripts or software and will display some diagrams and imagery of our processes and results. This aspect of the project is heading towards an implementation of a virtual field-trip experience based on our database of high-resolution panoramic imagery and mobile eye-tracking videos. There is software that is still under-development and has not yet been published, so we cannot provide many details here, but you can see a brief video of the software in-action, below (NOTE: video has classical music audio):

Thank you for your patience, check back soon, and/or contact us for more information!